Reference: Analytics microservices

See the complete list of microservices provided by IBM® API Connect Analytics.

Table 1 provides the name, class, and a brief description of each microservice

Table 1. Analytics microservices
Name Class Description
client client Elastic Kibana-based service for serving the analytics UI and REST API
cj-retention cronjobs Storage data retention service cronjob
cj-rollover cronjobs Storage index management rollover service cronjob
ingestion ingestion Elastic Logstash-based data pipeline for receiving and routing data to internal or external storage
mq-kafka mq Optional Apache Kafka-based data message queuing for temporarily buffering data in the pipeline.
mq-zk mq Optional Apache Zookeeper-based service for managing distributed mq-kafka configuration.
mtls-gw mtls-gw Openresty-based service for routing ingress traffic to client or ingestion
storage-coord storage Elastic Elasticsearch-based service for routing and aggregating requests
storage-data storage Elastic Elasticsearch-based service for writing, reading and storing the data
storage-master storage Elastic Elasticsearch-based service for managing and monitoring cluster state and health
storage-shared storage Elastic Elasticsearch-based service that combines the workload of storage-coord, storage-data, and storage-master into a single service