Planning to offload data to a third-party system

Review the considerations for offloading data from your IBM® API Connect Analytics deployment to a third-party system for additional storage and analysis.

The analytics event data that is generated by the Gateway and collected by the analytics subsystem can be offloaded to a third-party service in real-time. The third-party service can provide enhanced monitoring, alerting, storage, and/or analysis, in addition to what the built-in Analytics subsystem provides. Multiple target systems are supported, and the data can be modified prior to offloading.

APIC supports offloading analytics data to the following third-party systems:

  • HTTP(s) endpoints
  • Elastic Elasticsearch v6, v7
  • Apache Kafka v1.0.0
  • Syslog servers

For instructions on configuring your offload settings, see Offloading data to a third-party system.

If you just want to extend the existing analytics functionality by integrating with the third-party system, consider adding a message queue to your deployment. Enabling a message queue ensures that if either the internal or external storage becomes unavailable, it does not affect the other system.

If you do not need internal storage and only want to use the third-party system for working with your analytics data, consider disabling internal storage entirely as explained in Planning to disable internal storage.