Using the Views module in the Developer Portal

By using the Views module, you can fetch content from your Developer Portal site, and present it to users in different formats such as lists, graphs, and tables.

The Views module is a powerful SQL query builder that can access almost all the information in your Developer Portal site database and display it in any format.

There are many uses cases for views, but the following list shows some of the common ones:
  • You want to display some of the content differently, such as Products, APIs, and applications.
  • You want to display a block with the five most recent posts of some kind.
  • You want to change the way that articles are displayed.
  • You want to provide an unread forum posts list.
  • You want to provide a monthly archive of posts.

For information about how to create a view in the Developer Portal, see the following topic. You can also follow a tutorial about creating a custom sort order view for a list of APIs; see Tutorial: Using a custom weighting sort order on the product list page.