apic modules:enable

Enable one or more module.


Enable one or more module by providing a comma separated list.

apic modules:enable --mode portaladmin [flags]


  -c, --catalog string         Name or ID of the catalog that the site belongs to. (required)
      --format string          Output format. One of [json yaml go-template=... go-template-file=...], defaults to yaml.
  -h, --help                   Help for modules:enable
      --modules string         A list of modules separated by a comma. (required)
  -o, --org string             Name or ID of the organization that the catalog belongs to. (required)
      --resolve-dependencies   Attempt to download any missing dependencies. At the moment, only works when the module name is the same as the project name.
  -s, --server string          management server endpoint (required)
      --skip                   Skip automatic downloading of libraries (c.f. devel).

Options inherited from parent commands

      --accept-license        Accept the license for API Connect
      --debug                 Enable debug output
      --debug-output string   Write debug output to file
      --live-help             Enable or disable tracking of limited usage information
  -m, --mode string           Toolkit operation mode (default "apim")