Using the Developer Portal

As well as enabling application developers to find and use your APIs, the Developer Portal also provides features such as API analytics, forums, blogs, and rating facilities.

The Developer Portal is a convenient place to share APIs with application developers. After a Developer Portal has been enabled through the API Manager, and one or more API Products have been published, application developers can browse and use the APIs. Typically, a Developer Portal is customized to fit the corporate branding and design requirements of a particular organization. For more information about configuring a Developer Portal site, see Configuring the Developer Portal site. However, when the Developer Portal is first enabled it can be used as is, for example for test and development purposes, or for internal use only.

The following topics provide information about the main API consumer concepts in the Developer Portal, and how an application developer can navigate the default site. However, bear in mind that the actual consumer experience might be very different depending on how the site is configured. For tutorials guiding you through enabling a Developer Portal site, and navigating and using APIs as an application developer, see Tutorial: Creating the Developer Portal and Tutorial: Creating Accounts and Applications on the Developer Portal.