What's new in the latest release (Version

This page details the enhancements in IBM® API Connect Version since the previous release.

If you are moving to Version 10 from Version 5, also see the What's new in Version 2018 page for the additional new features since Version 5.

Note: You can access the latest files from IBM Fix Central by searching for the API Connect product and your installed version.

As enterprises continue their digital transformation agendas, IT leaders are looking to APIs as a means to interconnect digital solutions across their hybrid and multi cloud landscape. This API-led innovation helps organizations accelerate the delivery of new business models and superior client experiences as they create, secure, manage, and socialize APIs across multi-cloud landscapes. IBM API Connect Version 10 can help increase productivity and improve outcomes for teams involved in API-led innovation efforts.

  • Developers: Increase productivity by consistently building high-quality APIs.
  • Developer Portal administrators: Socialize APIs across multi cloud landscapes.
  • DevOps: Streamline operations across a multi-cloud and hybrid cloud landscape.

What's new for Developers

Added the ability to specify strict UTF-8 encoding for JSON documents
When you configure a Parse policy, you can specify whether to enforce strict UTF-8 encoding throughout the entire JSON document. For more information, see Parse.

What's new for Developer Portal administrators

New portalBackupRecordDays field available for Developer Portal backup settings
The portalBackupRecordDays setting denotes the number of days that backup records (backups that exist on the remote backup server) are shown when you list your remote backups. It is defaulted to 30 days. For more information about Developer Portal, see Backing up and restoring the Developer Portal in a Kubernetes environment.

What's new for DevOps

(Red Hat OpenShift) Change from cloudctl to ibm-pak for installing and upgrading air-gapped deployments
Previous versions of API Connect used IBM Cloud Pak CLI (cloudctl) as the mirroring tool for installing and upgrading in air-gapped environments. API Connect uses IBM Catalog Management Plug-in for IBM Cloud Paks (ibm-pak) instead. The ibm-pak plug-in extends the Red Hat OpenShift CLI (oc command) capability and streamlines the process of delivering installation images to the IBM Cloud Pak in an air-gapped environment.

For information on installing and upgrading API Connect on Red Hat OpenShift in an air-gapped environment, see Air-gapped installation and Air-gapped upgrade.