Business innovation through infrastructure transformation

Enterprises are going through an evolution. As tightly integrated infrastructures are replaced by modular, managed services in a hybrid environment of private and public clouds, workloads must be migrated, optimized and enabled for cloud applications to stay competitive. IBM's proven methods can help you on your way to cloud-native infrastructure, with end-to-end coverage that allows for complete, holistic transformation.

Client story: Migrating to the cloud at scale

“Leveraging IBM’s managed cloud infrastructure and managed services offerings, Iptor plans to migrate 70% of their customers to the cloud — up from a current rate of 17%.”

—Iptor, a global ERP and supply chain provider

Paths to the cloud

Over 100,000 migrations and counting

Agility is a primary factor to consider when deciding to migrate and modernize workloads to the cloud, whether public or private. A cloud-based model enables enterprises to quickly recognize value from shifting from CapEx to OpEx while freeing up resources dedicated to infrastructure management and operations; however, your workloads are specific to your enterprise and experience with what to expect post-migration can help prevent costly delays. With over 100,000 migrations completed, IBM can help you successfully migrate your workloads to VMware, IBM Cloud™ or any other cloud provider.

30,000 Clients Worldwide

Workload stability issues don’t go away when you move to cloud. In fact, solving them can be more complex when you don’t own the infrastructure and your application workloads are spread across public, private or hybrid cloud environments. A holistic, integrated approach to management and optimization across these environments is necessary to realize the scale of cloud and the reliability of your existing infrastructure. With experience managing hybrid IT environments for over 30,000 clients worldwide, IBM can help you focus on core competencies and objectives for your business.

Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google, VMware and IBM Cloud

Enterprises are investing in a hybrid approach to private and public clouds in order to drive innovation. They are creating environments that enable cloud native and DevOps for faster speed to market and continuous integration and delivery. The results are new business models that enterprises can capitalize on. IBM’s agnostic, multi-cloud support allows enterprises to take advantage of portability that meets their business needs regardless if it's on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, VMware, IBM Cloud or another cloud provider.

The IBM difference

Through a continuum of designing, building, migrating, managing and optimizing solutions, IBM helps enterprises minimize costs, increase flexibility and improve workload agility, regardless of cloud provider or destination.

Single vendor – Provide end-to-end coverage allowing for complete, holistic transformation

Single vendor

Get end-to-end coverage for a complete, holistic transformation

Existing and Emerging Technology Support - Integrate new technologies for the future while protecting existing investments

Existing and emerging technology support

Integrate new technologies for the future while protecting existing investments

Multi-cloud Services– Agnostic approach to support services on any cloud provider

Multi-cloud services

Support services on any cloud provider with an agnostic approach

Standardized offerings - Accelerates implementation with predictable outcomes

Standardized offerings

Accelerate implementation with predictable outcomes

Scalable solutions

Scalable solutions

Scale to the largest of enterprises

Standardized offerings - Accelerates implementation with predictable outcomes

Established expertise

Leverage our 35 years of proven experience transforming infrastructures

Standardized offerings - Accelerates implementation with predictable outcomes

AWS and Azure Partner

IBM is the largest deployer of AWS and a worldwide partner for Microsoft

AI integration

AI integration

The IBM Services Platform with Watson™ augments human intelligence with cognitive technology

IBM Services Platform with Watson

IBM’s hybrid cloud services are underpinned by the IBM Services Platform with Watson, which is trained in all aspects of planning, building and managing a hybrid cloud infrastructure.

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