IBM Cloudant features

Easy to use distributed, NoSQL database


Deploy an instance, create databases and independently scale throughput capacity and data storage to meet your application requirements.


Encrypt all data, with optional user-defined encryption key management through IBM® Key Protect, and integrate with IBM Identity and Access Management.

Global availability

Get continuous availability as Cloudant distributes data across availability zones and 6 regions for app performance and disaster recovery requirements.

Zero vendor lock-in

Employ an open source drop-in replacement — Apache CouchDB. You can deploy for hybrid or multicloud architectures.


Ensure compliance as Cloudant is ISO 27001 compatible and SOC 2 Type 2, PCI, GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

Powerful API

Store JSON documents with an HTTP API. Enhance your applications with built-in key value, MapReduce, full-text search and geospatial querying.

Durable replication

Move app data closer to where it’s needed for continuous data access. Build web apps, develop with an offline-first architecture or manipulate data at the edge.

Transaction Engine

Bring consistency and eliminate in-region conflicts. Scale more for less, with global querying and storage that can cost four times less.


Supported programming languages

Mobile for Android and iOS

The Cloudant Sync library can store, index and query local JSON data on a mobile device and synchronize data between devices — controlled by your app.


java-cloudant is the official Cloudant NoSQL database for IBM Cloud® library for Java™. Get info on installing the library, plus details and examples.


nodejs-cloudant is the official Cloudant NoSQL database library for Node.js.


A supported library for working with Cloudant NoSQL database by using Python is available.


A supported library called SwiftCloudant is available for working with the Cloudant NoSQL database. Installed using cocoapods, it’s an early release version.

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