Komplex IT

Komplex it is a consultancy and operations company with wide experience in infrastructure whether for public, private cloud or a hybrid solution.

At Komplex it, we know how to provide optimum ‘pay-as-you-go’ infrastructure with the best possible hardware and operating software, whether you are running Microsoft Azure, IBM Cloud, our own Komplex it cloud solution or a local system.

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We ensure that you pay only for your consumption, which you can scale up and down for yourself.

As a Platinum Business Partner and Expert Partner for both IBM Power Systems 9 Server and IBM all-flash Storage Systems, we are completely familiar with the latest technology.

IBM Platinum Business Partner™ Expert Power Systems

How’s your IT infrastructure?

Many companies have established a cloud strategy, but often have problems implementing it.

As an independent consultancy, Komplex it can help to ensure a successful transition of your IT infrastructure. With the support of Komplex it consultants, you can control how your infrastructure grows with your business, so the units work well together and the costs are kept down.

Should your infrastructure run in the cloud or on local systems, or a combination of the two?

Hand over license management and server operation to Komplex it

IT-systems are now a critical element for most companies. The demands for stability and security are growing all the time, and the IT budget seldom keeps pace.

You can choose to keep your costs down by allowing Komplex it to provide your company with stable IT operations.

Komplex it can guarantee that you will never again need to think about updates, licenses, up-time, upgrading or replacing failed hardware, or protecting against water damage or fire… We will take care of it all.

Manage your IT budget

When you collaborate with Komplex it, we will host your cloud servers, and you will always know what needs to be set aside in the budget for your server operation.

Benefits of Komplex it services:

  • Ransom protection
  • Komplex it solutions are significantly cheaper than traditional physical server solutions
  • 100% secure encrypted data in Komplex it’s ISO-certified data/operations center
    (IBM Power Systems servers have never been hacked)
  • 24x365 monitoring of services/data, certified security personnel, 3-level firewalls, secure rack cabinets, duplicated cooling
  • High bandwidth (Gigabit network with high redundancy)
  • State-of-the art skills
  • Scalable solution: can be upgraded or downgraded as required

And you pay ONLY for the services/IT resources you actually need!

IBM Power Systems customer reference – example from the transport sector

The challenge:
Our reference customer was faced with a reduced IT budget. Their administration costs, on the other hand, were high and getting higher. From a business perspective, the client was not happy that the database only worked in batch and not in real time – this was a big wish! The customer’s data center could not be expanded without investing in an expensive new building. Finally, the customer had taken a strategic decision and was on the point of migrating to SAP HANA.

The solution:
IBM Enterprise Power cloud solution with the involvement of Komplex it and IBM architects in migrating to Open Source and SAP HANA on an IBM Enterprise Power Linux platform.

  • No need for more data center space – saving building costs
  • Less administration, saving on day-to-day running costs.
  • By migrating to SAP HANA on IBM Power Systems, the customer can now run analytics reports in real time.
  • The customer’s IT is now evolving in a ‘pay-as-you-grow’ model.