What is data preparation?

Data preparation is a self-service activity that converts disparate, raw, messy data into a clean and consistent view. The process includes searching, cleaning, transforming, organizing and collecting data. Preparing data is critical but time-intensive; data teams spend up to 80% of their time converting raw data into high quality, analysis-ready output.

Highly scalable IBM data preparation offerings use automation to improve and speed data preparation. Spend less time preparing data, and more time on business-critical analysis that drives value.

Data preparation benefits

Faster data transformation

Use machine learning recommendations to format, join, tag and cleanse data. No coding required.

Self-service collaboration

Share transformed data sets throughout the enterprise and with BI and analytics tools.

Use trusted data

Connect to data governance, lineage and privacy tools to drive compliance and value.

IBM InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation

IBM® InfoSphere® Advanced Data Preparation provides self-service access to trusted data and automated transformation to help you start analysis faster and speed up your enterprise data preparation. With InfoSphere Advanced Data Preparation, you’re in control of your data. The intuitive dashboard can provide machine-learning recommendations so you can transform your data with a few clicks.

More products

Additional offerings with data preparation capabilities

IBM Cloud Pak® for Data

Integrate all your data, on premises or on any cloud — on this flexible multicloud platform.

IBM Watson® Knowledge Catalog

Access, curate, categorize and share business-ready data using this enterprise data catalog.

IBM Watson Studio

Use AutoAI to build, run and manage AI models, and optimize decisions at scale across any cloud.

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