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of CX professionals quantify unstructured text feedback


increase in Net Promoter Score with AI


billion photos shared daily are an untapped data source

Solve your customer experience challenges

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Immediate, holistic view

Your challenge
Lack of 360-degree view of your customers, because data is stored and processed in different departmental and geographical silos.

Our solution
Leverage all your data and analytics, provide one consistent experience, and collaborate across business and technical functions on an end-to-end data science platform.

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Your challenge 
Customer segmentation is difficult, the market is dynamic and unpredictable, and behavioral patterns are not clearly or quickly identified.

Our solution
Faster discovery and deployment for more people in your organization to adopt advanced analytics on a single platform that supports end-to-end AI lifecycle.

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Consistent CX journey

Your challenge
Understanding interactions across a variety of touch points is difficult due to different data types, locations, departments and manual processes.  

Our solution
Gain insights from unstructured data such as text and images — using advanced analysis, faster model training and development to get a better understanding of the customer experience.

Featured solution: IBM Watson Studio

Simplify enterprise data science and AI. With its open, flexible multicloud architecture, IBM Watson® Studio gives you the tools for deeper insight into customer behaviors.

Analyze and shape data, ingest streaming data, or build and train AI and machine learning models. Watson Studio helps your data scientists, application developers and subject matter experts work together to access better information and better ways to use it. Watson Studio means your data is doing more.

Harness the power of AI at scale

Quickly put AI to work

Watson Studio provides a true business environment on a single platform for users to develop, train and manage models that support customer insight and personalization.

Enable more employees

Tools such as AutoAI, data refinery and low-code visual modeling help automate tasks for data scientists, and simplify modeling for business users.

Gain a competitive edge

A single platform that supports advanced deep learning tools and neural network frameworks and models helps you stay ahead of the competition.

Get deeper customer insights

Easy tooling and access to more types of data — including unstructured data — enables more in-depth investigation and prediction.

Boost your ROI

An open source, flexible platform lowers implementation and ownership costs to avoid vendor lock-in and optimize existing investments.

Innovative CX app boosts revenues

An innovative hybrid cloud app delights customers and boosts revenues for Caixa Geral de Depositos France.

DSK Bank speeds loan approvals

Faster credit risk assessments result in six times faster loan approvals for DSK Bank.

Podcast: A New Definition of Client Care

Learn how to maximize teamwork and strengths to enrich your clients' experience.

Enghouse Systems turns a cost center into a growth center

How Enghouse Systems turns a cost center into a growth center.

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