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1 localhost commented Permalink

If this is the "wrong" forum please advise. Otherwise, I have noticed that the left and right arrow keys do not move my curson. Instead they move my page as presented in the "frame". This is frustrating because I use the keyboard to control my cursor when I place the insertion point in the wrong location.

Am I overlooking a setting?

2 localhost commented Permalink

If you go to delete a calendar entry in DWA from the view-level you get a dialog box that says:

"Are you sure you want to delete this page?"
Uhh...that ain't right. Delete this appointment, metting, reminder, etc....but definitely not "page."

3 localhost commented Trackback

@gdavid: make sure you don't have scroll lock turned on... That is how it works in previous versions of Notes if youhave that on...

4 localhost commented Trackback

I am actually wondering about the final decision for the topic we discussed on March 15th to whether the user is being asked to contact the Help Desk/Service Centre or the Systems Administrator.

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