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Wow, that CNN article with "helpful tips for blogging" that you linked to was amazingly clueless. I had to double-check the URL to make sure that I wasn't reading an Onion article.

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One thing I might suggest improving is the emphasis on avoiding personal, especially family, details.Identity theft, phishing, stalking, pervert predators, etc. make the revelation of private data more risky than it's portrayed here.See my post:http://vaspersthegrate.blogspot.com/2005/03/dangers-of-personal-blogging.html

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It so easy to find a blogger location, residence, etc. Use care when telling the world you will be away on vacation, or where you are vacationing. It makes it so easy to come and visit a known empty residence and steal stuff. Dittos for using those online wedding registries, that list the bride and groom residence address; they too make it easy for a sophisticated thief to steal the gifts while folks are away on the honeymoon.Gary Brownhttp://frugal-surfer.blogspot.com/

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I think this excellent document would be a good starting point for an "Open Blogging Guidelines" document covered by, say, a Creative Commons license or something like that.I wonder if IBM would participate in something like that?

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