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1 JoeBreal commented Permalink

Thanks for the tutorial. I have a question about step 8. Did you include this step to show how to call WCM content from a regular portlet or is this a recommendation on how to access WCM content? Wouldn't it have been easier to add a Web Content Viewer portlet to a portal page and configure it to use the Menu component? Thanks. Joe

2 GowriShankarPalani commented Permalink

Here is a link on more resources on IBM WCM

3 Hazem Saleh (IBM) commented Permalink

Hi Joe,

You are right. It is better to use the Local Rendering portlet for displaying the content.
I just want to show a sample of using the tags using the JSP component.

4 Ponnapalli commented Permalink

Very useful WCM tutorial indeed, many thanks for this.

5 Sanif commented Permalink

Thanks hazem, very nice & easy tutorial. Actually i am new to websphere portal & WCM can anyone help me with few more tutorials related to portal & WCM. If any then mail me at, thanks in advance & request for dua...