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Hi Eric,

Yes those things would be interesting.
As IDS wins more benchmarks and sales I'm seeing a slow shift in the right direction. I'm not connected with marketing so can't comment on strategy, but to me a key sign of this shift was the increase in development budget IDS received earlier this year. Now I find myself working with some of the most experienced kernel engineers re-assigned back to IDS and it's already making a difference to the product. Some of the performance and management features that are in the final stages of development should (in my uninformed opinion) accelerate this shift.
ps Thanks for maintaining the marketing request list, it is IMHO a great contribution to the user community.

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it would be interesting to know the growth rate of DB2 in the last two quarters and it would be even more interesting how IDS would perform if IBM would do an appropriate marketing for it -:)
This is still not the case from my point of view.

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Cobrasonic Software, Inc., has been awarded a contract worth US$5.5 million by Chunghwa Telecom Co. Ltd., for providing an IBM Informix Enterprise License and consulting services.

Please check the Cobrasonic news, you can recognize Informix license grows in Asia.

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As a longtime Informix Developer, I too, like the rest of those posting here, am totally baffled by IBM's initial lack of marketing enthusiam for a database engine as powerful as IDS.

Without question the development environment of Informix is superior to that of DB2. My experience with DB2 was that the most simple tasks were extremely painful to do. This led me to RESIGN from a DB2 project of my own accord.
Why IBM initially made Informix customers feel shunned is a mystery I will never understand.

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