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1 AyushmanJain commented Permalink

Good stuff Paridhi! Wonder how the "connecting apps with cloud/back-end services" piece fits into the picture above.

2 ParidhiVerma commented Permalink

Thanks Ayushman. I have forwarded you question to Leigh and he will provide you more information around cloud & mobile.

3 Leigh_Williamson commented Permalink

Great question, Ayush! The picture in the blog entry is just a high-level view of the MobileFirst portfolio, with lots of details behind each individual "box" in the picture. Our capabilities to help clients connect their mobile apps with existing IT infrastructure and newer cloud based services is contained inside the "Application & Data Platform" box that is right in the middle, at the core, of the portfolio. I have a "drill down" picture that shows more of the "guts" inside that App & Data Platform box but the blog reply tool doesn't appear to give me the option to embed it in this reply. Perhaps the information about "what's inside" some of those portfolio categories is worth a new blog post?