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In AIX 7.1 (AIX 6.1 TL6), you can now FREEZE the topas screen! If you press the spacebar while running topas, the screen will freeze and allow you review a snapshot of the statistics on the screen. You'll know when the session is frozen by the following message at the top of the screen: "Interval:FROZEN". Of course to unfreeze the session, you press the spacebar again. <div>&nbsp;</div> Another new feature is the ability to page up and page down. If you have several screens worth of data, for example a large number of disks, you can use the page up and down keys to view the data. You'll know when you can press the PgDn and PgUp keys when the following message is displayed on your topas screen: <div>&nbsp;</div> "Page: 1/2 Use 'PgDn/PgUp' to move to next/previous page: