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1 Michael_Wong commented Permalink

This is fantastic news. I have a whole C++0x and Boost community that is looking for something like this to test their C++0x code and Boost library development with IBM hardware and the latest xlC compiler.<div>&nbsp;</div> If this allows external user to try our compiler on small testcases, this will be great. If it allows them to try full test runs, it is more then I hope.

2 AbC commented Permalink

I have been asked to try to install the evaluation copy of XL C/C++ V10.1 compiler on a Virtual Loaner Program system and write about my experience. So here goes.<div>&nbsp;</div> It took a day to get an id from the PartnerWorld, but once I had it, I could make a reservation for a VLP system. The reservation procedure is relatively easy. You can choose what architecture you want and how long you need the system up to 14 days. Currently, POWER5 and POWER6 are available. A reservation has to be made at least two hours in advance, I got the machine right on time. In the second reservation, I needed to wait for a few days to get the machine due to system availability.<div>&nbsp;</div> When the system is ready, I received a notification and the procedure to log on to the machine via a gateway. A user id was created for me even though the root password was provided. I found the document "Connecting to Your VLP System - A User Guide" very useful to help me getting on to the system. <div>&nbsp;</div> I reserved a POWER6 with two processors running AIX 6.1 - latest architecture running latest OS! Although the system is not very large, it serves my purpose of trying out the latest XL C/C++ compiler.<div>&nbsp;</div> Downloading the evaluation copy of XL C/C++ V10.1 compiler was not very straight forward due to the setup on the webpage that only uses http or Download Director. I installed the wget tool on the system, and used the tool to download the evaluation copy directly to the system.<div>&nbsp;</div> With the evaluation copy on the VLP system, I followed the "Non-default installation procedure" from the XL C/C++ Installation Guide to install the compiler. I'm now ready to try out a Hello World program on VLP.<div>&nbsp;</div> I saved my environment for my next VLP session. After all, it is a 60-day evaluation copy.<div>&nbsp;</div> In general, the whole procedure was pretty smooth. After the installation, I can test and try out the latest XL compilers (C/C++ and Fortran) with the latest POWER architecture. It is a pretty good deal!