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Comments (4)

1 redwings commented Permalink

Very nice. I just heard from someone who is using JQuery integrated with report studio. Having the ability to add new components to the report studio toolbox that leverage some of the ajax features that allow for client side sorting and some other interactivity. Has anyone seen this before or tried it? <br /> http://jquery.com/ <br />

2 redwings commented Permalink

check this link out. <div>&nbsp;</div> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OZFRhxfVOmo

3 hardstep commented Permalink

redwings....would be interested in knowing more about jquery integration. <br /> We are seeing a huge interest in this library and we intend to use it to integrate with Cognos 8.

4 KerryMKroupa commented Permalink

I am very interested in seeing more of jQuery integrated with Cognos Report Studio. <div>&nbsp;</div> Thanks!

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