IBM Diagnostic Tool Framework for Java Version 1.11

The Diagnostic Tool Framework for Java (DTFJ) is a Java application programming interface (API) used to support the building of Java diagnostics tools.

IBM DTFJ overview

DTFJ works with data from a system dump that has been processed by the jextract tool. The jextract tool produces metadata from the dump, which allows the internal structure of the JVM to be analyzed. You must run jextract on the system that produced the dump. (For more information on jextract see the Diagnosis documentation.)

The DTFJ API helps diagnostics tools access the following information:


DTFJ is available as an Eclipse Update site:

Eclipse workbench install

  • Use the DTFJ Eclipse Update site.
  • Diagnostic Tool Framework for Java is listed under the category IBM Runtime Monitoring and Diagnostic Tools

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