IBM Developer Kits support for IBM POWER7 systems

IBM POWER7 systems provide improved performance over the POWER6 range.

Mininum IBM SDK levels for POWER7 support

IBM SDK for Java version POWER7™ in POWER6™ compatibility mode POWER7 mode
Java SDK 1.4.2 Java 142 SR13 FP4 Java SDK 1.4.2 SR13 FP4 (See Note.)
Java SDK 5.0 Java SDK 5.0 GA Java SDK 5.0 SR8
Java SDK 6 Java SDK 6 GA Java SDK 6 SR1
Java SDK 6 SR7 or newer is needed for POWER7 exploitation
Java SDK 7 Java SDK 7 GA Java SDK 7 GA

The configurations have been tested on IBM Power® 750 Express™ and IBM Power 770 systems.

NOTE: Known intermittent issue with POWER7 support on Java 1.4.2

Problem Description:
The exception ArrayIndexOutofBounds is thrown from a method that is JIT compiled.

Skip JIT compilation of the Java method that throws the exception using the option: export JITC_COMPILEOPT=SKIP{fully qualified classname}{methodname}

For example, if the ArrayIndexOutOfBounds occurs in the method testcases/benchmarks/jbytemark/StringSortTest.strsift, and the method is also JIT compiled, you can skip JIT compilation for the method using the following option: export JITC_COMPILEOPT=SKIP{testcases/benchmarks/jbytemark/StringSortTest}{strsift}

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