Developer Kits, User Guides and Service information for Java Standard Edition on AIX

This page contains download information for IBM Developer Kits and IBM Websphere Real Time on AIX.

Before you can download code, you need an IBM Registration ID. You can read about IBM Registration here.

Java service information provides further details about IBM support for these Java products.

J2SE Version 1.4.2

Version 1.4.2 of the IBM SDK reached end of service on September 2013. Customers are strongly advised to move to an in service version of Java. Fixes for version 1.4.2 are available from Fix Central for AIX 1.4.2 32-bit and AIX 1.4.2 64-bit.

Notes about these tables

For each supported version of Java there is one set of images for all supported versions of AIX. For example, the same Java 6 images are provided for AIX 5.3 and 6.1.

Each column in the table represents a separate Java product. IBM supplied fixes for a Java problem are known as APARs. When you install an APAR for one of the Java products, then that APAR will update the code that you currently have installed for that product. For a list of the APARs for a Java release, click on the corresponding "Fix Info" link in the table. Some update images are specific to an AIX release.

Java SE and IBM WebSphere Real Time minimum AIX support levels

IBM SDK version AIX 7.2 AIX 7.1 AIX 6.1 AIX 5.3 AIX 5.2 AIX 5.1
8 7200-00 7100-03 6100-07 N/A N/A N/A
7 Release 1 7200-00 7100-01 6100-07 N/A N/A N/A
7 7200-00 7100-00 6100-05 N/A N/A N/A
6 7200-00 7100-00 6100-00 5300-07 (APAR IZ07976) N/A N/A
5 N/A 7100-00 6100-00 5300-03 (APAR IY71011) 5200-07 (APAR IY67914) N/A
1.4.2 N/A 7100-00 6100-00 5300-02 (APAR IY69190) 5200-06 (APAR IY67913) 5100-08 (APAR IY70781)
IBM WebSphere Real Time V3 7200-00 7100-00 6100-05 N/A N/A N/A
IBM WebSphere Real Time V2 N/A N/A 6100-03 SP1 (IZ55195,IZ54013) 5300-10 SP1 (IZ55195) N/A N/A

Java service information

Future fixes to a Java product are built on top of the most recently released APAR for that product.

IBM is dedicated to fixing defects found in IBM Java products. However, some Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) have non-IBM, 3rd party products that are certified to run only on specific versions of IBM's Java for AIX. IBM has no control over which versions of Java an ISV will certify and/or support their products with. If an ISV indicates in their documentation that their product will only work with a certain version of Java, you must use that version of Java. If a problem occurs with an ISV's product that has a dependency on specific (or certified) IBM JVM releases, the issue must be handled by the ISV's support organization. IBM will work with the ISV to fix a problem when the ISV provides information that shows a deficiency with the IBM JVM. This process ensures that any new fix provided by IBM will be supported by the ISV.

Many ISVs work with IBM to ensure that their products run well on IBM's Java. Many ISVs already have a partnership with IBM to pursue any incompatibility between their product and IBM's Java products. If you want an ISV's product to be certified to run with a different version of Java, you must make this request to the ISV. The ISV can pursue the request through their normal relationship with IBM.

Warning: IBM has no control over which versions of Java an ISV certifies their product on. An ISV might sell a product that was certified on a version of IBM's Java that is no longer supported by IBM. Check the end of service dates for both the ISV product and the IBM Java product it uses.

Each download page lists files to be used specifically for the purpose of redistribution. Customers can incorporate the contents of these files with their own products, subject to the terms specified in the files' license, but IBM provides no support for these files. You can view the license from the download page. Updates to the files are made, but not guaranteed, when problems are fixed in the corresponding installp packages.

All suspected Java problems must be reproducible on a Java SDK (software developer kit) product, located in the Install Directory shown in the download table. If a problem occurs using Java code that is copied or installed in other directories, support will not be provided.

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