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I'm administrating bunch of servers that have 9.7 DB2 and i have been using control center to handle basic administration duties with databases, access and instances.

Now we are migrating to 10.1 and i noticed control center is depracated and it is replaced with data studio.

My question is, isn't there option in data studio 3.2 to administrate instances? Is it required to configure every database separately?? It means huge workload if i have to configure 15-30 connections to databases per instance as i used to only need configure the instance and i was able to administrate all databases in that instance.

Markku Hänninen


  • Luke Numrych
    Luke Numrych
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    Re: db2 10.1 and data studio 3.2


    I think that what CC used to do for you when an instance was cataloged was to automatically catalog every database on that instance... I do not think there is a way to do it the same way in Data Studio.

    I found it easiest to create one database connection to an instance, and then to duplicate that connection as many times as needed. This speeds up the setup process since you only need to change the connection name and the database name in the duplicated connections.

    Or, if you feel more ambitious, create a single connection, use the export function (it creates an XML file), write a script/program to add all your remaining connections, and import the file back in...

    What really boggles my mind is that DS and DSWC (Data Studio Web Console) do not share the connection file format - DS uses XML files for exporting connections, DSWC uses a CSV formatted file.  It is hard for me to figure out why this is so...

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    Re: db2 10.1 and data studio 3.2


    Hi Markku, DS support to configure instance,  in Administrator Explorer view, right click on the db node, and select "Setup and Configure->Configure",, then the Configure Task Assistant (TA) will show up, in the TA, select tab "Instance", then you should be able to configure your instance. pls refer to below pics:


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    Re: db2 10.1 and data studio 3.2



    Are you looking for function of discover databases under a remote instance? Data Studio don't have such funtion yet.

    For your local database or local cataloged database,data studio will automatically load that connection.You can also do export,import your connections to other workspace.