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Pinned topic Restriction of jobs to 1 node

‏2013-07-08T09:53:50Z | infosphere streams

We have created a shared instance using 2 hosts. Provided the tags for each server.

And mentioned the tag in the spl file to restrict the pes in the job to run on server1

The 1st job submitted on the shared instance with hosttag of server1 will show all the PEs running on server1

when the 2nd job is started with hosttag of server2 will show some of the PEs in server1 and server2

The 1st job PEs will be relocated to Server2.


There is no logs on PE crashing and restarting.

Anyone has faced similar issue or have any other solution?

Thanks in advance



Rama. V

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    Re: Restriction of jobs to 1 node


    Would you turn on trace level logging and post the logs?