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‏2014-02-04T13:43:50Z |

Has anybody got a step by step guide to integrating SQL Service Reporting Service reports to Maximo v7.5? I've read all of the IBM ERI documentation going and spent a while trawling the web, but I don't quite understand what I need to do.

I have working reports is SSRS that I can launch from Maximo from a toolbar icon using 'Launch In Context', so the report basically works. What I want to achieve is to register my reports in Report Admin and access these from the applications and also have access to the 'where' clause (and other parameters).

Reading the ERI document, it talks of using the 'customreports.jsp' file for Integration. I've configured the ' to point to this file and when I launch my registered report I get the JSP page showing you all the parameters passed. That's Nice. Clearly, the parameters are included as a html form post ; I'm more familiar with URL parameters passes to the Report URL, but hey I can go with that.  Is this customreports.jsp just an example to show you what's available or are you supposed to write some jsp to invoke the report from there?  It's how to get to my SSRS report and access these parameters that is lacking in the documentation I've read.

Guidance gratefully received.