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‏2013-02-20T09:54:49Z |

I have search for below question anywhere but only able to find partial answers, hope someone in here can help me.

Currently I have xSeries x3650 (7979) with an serveraid 8k controller (all patched with the latest firmware), due to one of the disks in the server crashed I replaced it with a new 3tb (sata) disk, but the controller won't recognize it :o(
From what I can find, this seems to be related to that serveraid 8k only supports disks up to 2tb (can anyone confirm this? and if this is the case, are there any plans of supporting 3tb disks?)

Now if the 8k controller "only" supports 2tb disks, will I be able to replace it with the M1015 controller and use my 3tb disk?

Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Is this setup supported

    Dear Christoffer,

    list of supported HDDs and RAID controllers for server x3650 available on the next pages:

    x3650 (7979) compatibility

    Hard drive accessories - IBM System x3650

    Controller accessories - IBM System x3650

    Alexander Novikov
    Russia, Moscow