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‏2013-01-31T22:03:00Z |

I was thinking, when Front Side Timeout value of MPGW is crossed, the client who is making connection, should get timeout.
But it seems that is NOT happening.

+++This is for testing env and NOT in production +
I have a client making HTTP connection to DP.
Client has timeout of 150 seconds. DataPower MPGW has front end timeout set at 120 seconds.
I am making DataPower to wait/sleep ( thanks to Hermann and his posts) for 120 seconds, before proceeding to backend.

I was expecting the frontEnd should get timeOut after 120 seconds, DP's FrontSide timeout value. But it is NOT happening.
Frontend client is receiving proper response. I was expecting frontend client to receive some error(timeout).
can somebody explain why?

I see in the help of FrontSide timeout - that is the interval for which connection can be idle before being discarded.
If there is NO activity happening from Client - it just made request and is waiting for 150 seconds, does that mean there is STILL activity going on ( connection is NOT idle) and hence NOT timing out.

If so, then how can I force Datapower result into "FrontSide timed out" state?
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  • msiebler
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    Re: Front Side TimeOut

    This is a common question. The frontside timeout is not a transactional timeout. It is a timeout for an idle network when datapower is waiting for data from the client.
    So; if a client starts to send a HTTP POST; and for example it is hung in the middle of sending the http headers; then the box will throw a timeout after the configured time.
    However; once the post has been received ; then the box turns off the frontside timeout. It is not really possible to interupt a transaction on the datapower once it has begun.
  • chauhan_vin1
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    Re: Front Side TimeOut

    Supply the timeout less than 150 in the user agent - if you want DP to throw timeout/error before the client actually timesout.