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Is there a log file or something I can look to see where an agent found a specific product during the scan?

I have a server that I know is only running the TSM backup client, but the scan reports that it has the TSM data protect for Mail and Databases. Those products are not actually installed. I'm thinking that somewhere on the many disks on this server are some old install directories of the TSM clients. Just don't know where, which is why I would like to see where the agents things/says they are.

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    Re: Agent scan log file

    Hi Bill,

    There is a sophisticated logic implemented in ILMT that stays behind the concept of software discovery. Simple answer may result with more confusions than gains. Therefore I would like to tell you that information you are looking for as well as many other such as:
    How to figure out what signature made your software being discovered?
    you will find in the following Questions & Answers session:

    ILMT Software Catalog Troubleshooting

    By the way, this and other Q&A sessions you may find here:
    ILMT Wiki - Links

    I really encourage you to take a time and watch them all.

    Please let me know if my post answers your question.

    Michał Klak
    ILMT Central Team

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