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Pinned topic How to pop up window based on conditional value prompt

‏2013-01-08T04:15:19Z |
Hi Cognos Gurus,
i need your help in an issue where
i have a value prompt based on country. and the number of records are different against every country. I want to apply a conditon on countries that have more than 50 records. when i will select the that country from value prompt that have more than 50 rows, there should be a pop window that asking that "DO YOU WANT TO CONTINUE" .
if user selects yes button it will show all the records otherwise finish it.
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    Re: How to pop up window based on conditional value prompt

    ‏2013-01-08T14:34:39Z  in response to SystemAdmin
    Attached please find a samples spec which uses JavaScript to count the number of vaule prompt selections. Upon clicking the Count button it will display the active count to the screen.

    With these two things you should be able to adjust the code to get what you are looking for.
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