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Pinned topic x3500 7977e6u HDD problems

‏2012-12-21T03:35:04Z |
I just picked up a x3500 from a buddy who closed down his business. I don't know a lot about the server environment but hopefully someone can help me. The server came with 4 250gb drives in Raid 5, I added 4 more 2tb WD drives to the other SAS controller. I am running Windows Home Server 2011 on the Raid Array and everything works fine except the other 4 drives do not show up. I do not want the other drives in an array, and they show up fine in the raid setup. Do i need to configure something different in bios setup or the raid setup? I could not find an option to change anything. Hopefully I provided enough information, thanks in advance.

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    Re: x3500 7977e6u HDD problems

    You need to at least create a RAID 0 array (4 of them) of each individual drive and present a logical disk / virtual disk for Windows to use.

    Layers to any disk:
    Physical - the hard drive itself seen by the system
    Logical - what you present to the operating system via the controller
    Volume/Partition - what the operating system uses for a file system

    The exact process will depend on the array controller. Since you have an operating system running you can just install the array controller's management application in Windows and create the arrays from there.