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Pinned topic Problem RBM using LDAP

‏2012-12-11T14:27:20Z |
Hello, we are configurating RBM autentication and with LDAP.

In my model situation i have one LDAP group with one user who has acces to on DP Domain (privileges specified in XML file)
Configuration seems OK, everything is working fine = User 1, memeber of Group1 is authenticated and got privileges to Doman1.

The problem is, when User1 is member of more than one LDAP group, eg Group1 and Group2 with access privilges to Domain1 and Domain2.
I am receiving authentication error, message in log is sayin "Multiple Entries Found for uid=User1..." and "User 'User1' failed to log in".
I don know what I am doin wrong.

Target solution is to have multiple groups with privieges to corresponding domains. Gui users and developers will be assigned to Groups in LDAP. There will some developers or teamleader, who should have access to all domains (that means he/she will be member of all LDAP Groups).
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    Re: Problem RBM using LDAP

    No update since my post, I will send PMR and hope to get some solution....