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Pinned topic TIM 5.1 - Import/Export owner roles

‏2012-11-13T21:15:13Z |
Hi all.

I have a question. One of our customers have around 1300 roles, each one related to other with the role owner relationship.

I imported from Development to the Test environment the roles. It was succesful importing the roles itself, but the new roles does not have the role owner relationship.

Do you have any suggestion to create an automatic process to import the roles relationships? perhaps by making a TDI line?

Any idea will be good for me.

Thanks in advance, regards

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  • yn2000
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    Re: TIM 5.1 - Import/Export owner roles

    Someone recently told me, you can have a brain surgery using TDI, but oh boy 1300 roles???
    Rgds. YN.
  • andresmgs
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    Re: TIM 5.1 - Import/Export owner roles

    This question has been solved by making a TDI assembly line. Thanks for the suggestions :)

    Regards, Andres.