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Pinned topic Changes done in QS job are not getting reflected in the existing SOAP UI

‏2012-10-19T10:03:24Z |
I am having an address standardization job(IBM Quality Stage) which is also implemented in SOAP UI for testing purpose.
Address is given in xml request as input and return the standardized address as a response.
For some address stnd. Bug, I made changes in Pattern action file, Provision all, save, compiled and run the job.
I am getting the expected output in pattern action file test window, in the output file and in the designer View Data window.
But when I am testing the same job from SOAP UI,the application is still showing the old output(changes are not getting reflected).
I also tried by generating the new WSDL file from IBM Infosphere Information server console and refresh it in SOAP UI. But still it's not working.
I want to know that are there any specific steps, we need to do so that the changes done in QS job will get reflected in the existing SOAP UI project?
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    Re: Changes done in QS job are not getting reflected in the existing SOAP UI

    ‏2012-10-19T17:02:08Z  in response to SystemAdmin

    Did you do a 'Provision All' on the 'set' object?

    I have done what you are doing many times and all you need to do is disable/enable the service after 'Provision All'.

    I hope this helps!