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‏2012-10-16T15:24:21Z |
we are trying to import reports from ITCAM, but when running:
./ -modify -dataSources -reports -username tipadmin -password XXX -dataSource name=WAREHOUS -setDatasource odaURL="jdbc:db2://" odaDriverClass="" odaUser=itmuser odaPassword=XXX

CTGTRQ099W No datasource matching the criteria was found for modification.

And when:
./ -user tipadm -password XXX -dataSource -test WAREHOUS -dbLogin itmuser -dbPassword XXX
CTGTRI164E Processing has failed. See the following error message for details:
QE-DEF-0285 The logon failed.

Should I configure something else in the DB2 client?
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    Re: New with TCR

    That is a command to set a BIRT-based data source. Are you sure you have a BIRT package and not a Cognos package?

    First as a general comment, check out the field guide under the videos. That's a great overall resource.

    If this is indeed BIRT,:
    I don't know if WAREHOUS is the correct name the datasource is defined as in the reports. I think it's "ITM". You can instead pass a report name instead of a data source name (get the report name from a -list -reports.

    I suspect you instead have a Cognos package. In this case, I prefer to use the web UI to create the data source (but you first must have a local DB2 client or server cataloged with the database:
    You can also see this in Video #5, setting up a DB2 data source for a Cognos-based package:

    I hope that helps, Dan Krissell