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Pinned topic problems with my Dynacache CacheProvider

‏2012-09-19T15:56:37Z |
I'm trying to implement a Dynacache CacheProvider and having problems. Here is what I've done:
  • I've got my Dynacache CacheProvider implementation jar under D:\IBM\WebSphere85\AppServer\lib
  • I have configured as JVM custom property with the correct CacheProvider implementation class.
  • Created located under D:\IBM\WebSphere85\AppServer\properties with the relevant settings including the right class name value.
  • I have the also part of the Dynacache CacheProvider implementation jar.
  • I have the Object cache Instance configured to have a new dyna cache. This also have the as a custom system property.
  • My application using the following to access the cache:

Properties props = 

new Properties();                            props.put(
"com.myCacheProvider"); map = (DistributedObjectCache)DistributedObjectCacheFactory.getMap(

I'm getting the following when the application trying to access DynaCache:

[9/18/12 10:10:52:917 EDT] 00000050 ServerCache   E   DYNA1066E: Unable to initialize the cache provider 
"com.myCacheProvider". The Dynamic cache will be used to create the cache instance 
"default" instead of the configured cache provider. [9/18/12 10:10:52:919 EDT] 00000050 ServerCache   E   ENGLISH ONLY MESSAGE: cacheProvider is null. Check 

for the cache provider libraries [9/18/12 10:10:52:920 EDT] 00000050 ServerCache   I   DYNA1001I: WebSphere Dynamic Cache instance named 

default initialized successfully.

I'm using WAS 8.5.

Any ideas what is going on and how to debug this?