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Pinned topic Q. New Installation v4.2 Image Services SQL Database

‏2012-06-06T15:08:13Z |
I am in the process of installing v4.2 as a new installation. I've very confused regarding the sql database installation procedure stated on page 24 and page 57 of the May 2011 Installing/Updating Site-Controlled Oracle and MS SQL on Windows Server IS Version 4.2 pdf. Could someone enlighten me as to what IBM wants defined when creating the sql db. (e.g what do the datasets reference in the .pdf for ms_db0.mdf,ms_pri0.mdf,ms_tl0.ldf,ms_udb0.dat,ms_tmp0.mdf, and master). I am able to decipher what the meaning for master and what .mdf,ldf mean but what is IBM telling me to create. In association with this, page 57, identifies the FileGroups fnsys_fg fnusr_fg and fnidx_fg. What is the working relation to the sql db installation for these filegroups. Our current installation was not built using these names or objects in the past and I was hoping this time to be more complient with all build standards as I proceed forward. Is all this .pdf suggestions just superfluous information and all I am required to do is just create a database in sql 2008 and call it what i want (mdf and ldf)? Thank you for any background information or suggestive guidance.