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Pinned topic erpersonstatus status not re enabling the TAM account

‏2012-05-16T15:37:21Z |
Hi All,

I am new in ITIM, just trying to dig in.
I was trying to add, suspend and reactivate the same person through the CSV feed.
In the CSV feed we are passing the attribute and its value erpersonstatus 0 while adding a user and it successfully adds ITIM person and TAM account. When we modify the feed and pass "erpersonstatus = 1", it suspends the person in ITIM and as well as it suspends the TAM account of that person. But the problem comes when I try to reactivate the same person by modifying the CSV feed to have "erpersonstatus = 0". It activates the ITIM person but just doesn't do anything for TAM account.

Please help