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Pinned topic CICS pipeline custom message handler - XML illegal character

‏2012-05-08T09:04:20Z |

we have an issue regarding using CICS 4.1. as web service provider. We are exposing existing COBOL modules as web services with DFHLS2WS job.
Most of existing legacy COBOL modules are using record separator sign in their outputs/responses. Record separator sign is a hex '1E' i.e. decimal sign 30 from ASCII table.
When CICS creates response, COMMAREA is transformed to XML which is part of SOAP body. Record separator sign is illegal XML character and thus client can not parse response. We need solution where we can replace record separator sign with, for example, empty string. That way XML would be valid. Obvious place to do this is centrally i.e. in pipeline.

CICS pipeline supports writing custom message handlers in any language supported by CICS. We've tried with custom java message handler but potential issue is that we have java in separate CICS environment. COBOL message handler wold have to deal with varying size of SOAP messages. Is this better solution?

DFHLS2WS has many parameters but non seem to deal with issue alike this. Can something be done with DFHLS2WS module?

We are interested in best possible solution regarding performance.

Josip Barisic
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    Re: CICS pipeline custom message handler - XML illegal character

    We've decided to write custom COBOL message handler to solve this issue.
    So far, solution is working fine.

    Josip Barisic