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Pinned topic Setting up analytics overlays

‏2012-03-26T20:18:46Z |
Has anyone managed to set up the analytics overlays to work with Coremetrics? Right now its giving me an error that there are no credentials in the vault. So do I just need to create an appropriate slot with the userid, password, and authKey?

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    Re: Setting up analytics overlays

    Please follow these steps described in the Portal wiki

    High-level steps:
    1. Add the Coremetrics site to the default dynamic policy (allows outbound HTTPS traffic)
    2. Import the Coremetrics certificate into your server truststore (establishes trust with the Coremetrics HTTPS servers)
    3. Store your Coremetrics user information in a credential vault slot (stores user id, password and auth key for the Coremetrics API)
    4. Restart the portal server for the changes to take effect