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‏2012-03-12T20:55:00Z |
I am running RAD 8.0.4 on Windows 7 as an administrator. I have a web app where I need to change the class loading to PARENT_LAST. I go to the "Class loading and update detection" settings screen and all options are grayed out. I expect to see radio buttons to change this setting. Instead there is a text box with "PARENT_LAST" in it.

How do I update these settings in RAD in my local environment? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  • TroyBishop
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    Re: Class loading settings disabled

    ‏2012-03-13T13:48:56Z  in response to Fjackie

    Because of the way that you are publishing your application from Rational Application Developer to WebSphere Application Server then certain configuration items in the WebSphere Application Server Administrative console are disabled. The recommended way to set the classloader settings for your application so that it is usable either when published via Rational Application Developer or directly to your production WebSphere Application Server is to set this option within the application scope preferences (i.e. so this classloading preference is packaged with your application, not the server). This can be accomplished in Rational Application Developer with these instructions:

    The first time you open the 'Deployment' tab the product may take a bit of time to display the resulting editor page as there are a lot of configuration files that need to be created and loaded. The resulting files will be stored in the EAR project located in your workspace.

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      Re: Class loading settings disabled

      ‏2012-03-14T21:14:54Z  in response to TroyBishop
      Thank you so much! I never would have found this setting. The web service is now working fine on Websphere 6.1 running within RAD.

      I must say that this is somewhat odd. The web service WAR files are not part of an EAR on the server where they live. The EAR is created in RAD when the project is created but this does not exist on the application server.

      Thanks again for the help.
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    Re: Class loading settings disabled

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    As a follow-on to troy bishops feedback, its is important to understand
    RADserver tools publish settings
    • Publishing settings for a WebSphere Application Server

    The deafult is to publish with resources on workspace

    Important: When you are using the Run server with resources within the workspace option, you can only view your deployment descriptor file using the WebSphere Administrative Console. In addition, you cannot edit application-level configurations using the WebSphere Administrative Console, including Java EE configurations, enhanced EAR settings, policy set attachments, bindings, and other settings. For example, an enhanced EAR setting that is not available for editing in the administrative console is the class-loader option PARENT_LAST. You are limited to editing your application-level configurations in the workbench. To edit enhanced EAR settings, you must use the WebSphere Application Server Deployment editor available from the workbench, for more details about this editor see the Defining deployment configurations for enterprise applications targeting a WebSphere Application Server topic. For more details about editing the class-loader options within the workbench, see the Setting class loader policy to an enterprise application targeted for a WebSphere Application Server topic.