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‏2012-02-29T10:51:48Z |

I'm new on Websphere. I'm trying to use the "Custom Mediation". So, I'm useing on the response one of this primitives.

My export expects to get a "boolean". But my webService return a string, so I have to convert this string to boolean. My problem is that I can access to SMO, what contains the string, but I can't modify or access to the boolean..
I dont know how I can modify or access the output object... could someone help me??
//This element is a String, and I dont have a problem to access it. It's a field of my "input"
String aux3 = smo.getString("/body/getTransportResponse/isPossible");

//That field is the "export", and I dont know how I could access it. Maybe the route is wrong....
//I though that I could use the variable "out", but, I dont know where it's this object.
boolean axu2 = smo.getBoolean("/body/getTransportResponse/outTransport");
Thank you!.

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    Re: Problem with Custom Mediation

    Hi there,

    The "out" you refer it isn't a variable, it's a terminal where the current smo can be fired to.

    I didn't understand very well your question, are you trying to change a boolean variable corresponding to /body/getTransportResponse/outTransport ? If so, you can do the:

    smo.setBoolean("/body/getTransportResponse/outTransport", true);