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Pinned topic AIX 6.1 and Samba 3.2 w/ADS Support

‏2012-01-27T15:28:13Z |

The version of Samba on the AIX 6.1 Expansion CD does not have ADS (Active Directory Support) compiled in.

I have Samba setup and configured but when attempting to add my server as a ROLE_DOMAIN_MEMBER to my AD domain I get the following result:

  1. net ads join
ADS support not compiled in

Where can I locate a pre-compiled version of Samba w/ADS support built-in from IBM or locate instructions on how to compile ADS support and anything else needed into Samba?
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    Re: AIX 6.1 and Samba 3.2 w/ADS Support

    You need to have at least OpenLDAP and Kerberos installed on your system before attempting to compile SAMBA with ADS support. You most likely need MIT Kerberos (which is not fun to compile on AIX!). I don't think SAMBA accept the Kerberos that comes with AIX?

    I doubt there are any pre compiled SAMBA, with ADS enabled, versions for AIX? However, have a look at the following site, they have binary distributions of SAMBA. Not sure if ADS is enabled though?