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Pinned topic RSA 8 and Web2mobile featurepack

‏2012-01-13T11:50:10Z |
I would like to understand IBM's reason for distributing the Web2Mobile feature-pack as a WebSphere run-time add on. Specifically the Dojo package. It seems that RSA 8 comes with its own Dojo versions included, separate from what the web2mobile feature-pack offers. One of the options when doing a Dojo project is to include the chosen (RSA8)Dojo version inside the project. Which means Dojo is distributed as part of the application to any Server(run-time). I fail to see the connection Dojo has with WebSphere. Ultimately a server make the JavaScript available to the client(web browser/mobile device) but the script run client-side. My question thus is, what are the reasons/thinking behind distributing 'WEB2Mobile feature-pack'/Dojo as a Websphere feature-pack?
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