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‏2011-12-07T14:00:38Z |
we have optim pm 411 and try to open the reports defined
some reports take some time
the question would be : can we schedule by interface/command the create of these reports, so we can publish these results and users do not have to wait for the report to complete. the statements detail report takes long time and users tend to kill the session. we see many jcc processes active the db for this operation.
we could run this each day and publish static pages..
thanks for all update
best regards, Guy Przytula
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  • UteBaumbach
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    Re: schedule reports

    OPM 5.1 has just been announced and will be available on Friday.
    This version allows to create reports from command line.
    That way you can schedule reports using operating system scheduler features.

    This is the link to the announcement letter:

    Ute Baumbach
  • SystemAdmin
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    Re: schedule reports

    thanks for the update
    waiting to friday ...and checking