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‏2011-08-15T13:13:44Z |
When creating session persistence to a data grid, an IP / host name of only one of the XC10 Appliances within a collective is specified. When this appliance fails, how does the client know to persist and retrieve sessions from another XC10 appliance within the XC10 collective? I've tested the scenario and know that it works, I just need to understand exactly how.
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  • babatch
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    Re: XC10 failover

    I have the same question.
    Our team is going to install XC10 at the customer's site with redundant configuration (collective).
    We will have to explain to the customer how to configure session persistence to XC10 collective and how it works.
    I very appriciate if someone help me.
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    Re: XC10 failover

    The XC10 client is a smart client. Upon connecting to the the supplied XC10 one of the first thing that occurs is that the clients gets the information for the entire collective and stores that data so that is has the information it needs handle failover.