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Pinned topic Tivoli LoadLeveler v 3.5 - how to dynamically adjust submitted job priority

‏2011-04-14T17:50:40Z |
Environment is Tivoli LoadLeveler 3.5 on SuSE Linux 10

We have a need for lower priority jobs to eventually get run, even if there are (initially) higher priority jobs in the queue... two classes, one with initially lower priority, one with initially higher, as set by classprio

We first thought that qdate would give us this dynamic view (of how old a job is) but on reviewing a previous thread here

and the definition of qdate given here

QDate - The difference in seconds between the UNIX date when the job step enters the queue and the UNIX date when the negotiator daemon starts up.

it seems like QDate is static.

We want to write a sysprio expression like this

(assume that one CLASSPRIO is 50 and the other 100 ... )

SYSPRIO : - (ClassSysprio ) + JobAgeInSeconds/60

so that effectively the more minuts a jobs has been sitting around the higher priority it has.

Is this doable just using the configuration files? We're prefer not to have to run external scripts to do llmodify....