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Pinned topic APT_ParallelSortMergeOperator - Fatal Error

‏2009-09-22T15:31:02Z |
Hi All,
I am getting the following error when I am running my job. Any pointers are highle appreciated

APT_ParallelSortMergeOperator: Error when checking operator: Caught unknown exception during wrapDescribeOperator()

we are using datastage 8.1 on windows environment

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    Re: APT_ParallelSortMergeOperator - Fatal Error

    Even we are facing this error in Windows 8.1

    The job independently works fine, but when run from a sequencer the job aborts (not always) with this error message. The sequenecer finishes successfully sometimes and suddenly it aborts with this message.

    The work around that we had for this was to rename the sequencer to some other name so that it would work, but recently even the "new name" sequencer is aborting.

    Do let me know if there is a valid solution.