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Welcome to the Telelogic Modeler User Forum hosted by IBM developerWorks.

The free Telelogic Modeler allows you to imporove communication by using industry standard UML 2.1 to specify, visualize and document systems and software designs without any acquisition costs. You can obtain the Telelogic Modeler at:

Please use this forum to collaborate with other users of Telelogic Modeler, post questions, share information, discuss issues and exchange ideas. Technical support is not provided for the Telelogic Modeler and this forum creates a community where other users can help you answer your questions. In addition, feel free to share your experiences and best practices using Telelogic Modeler with your pears.

We hope you enjoy using Telelogic Modeler.

Paul Urban
Telelogic Product Marketing
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    Re: Welcome to the Telelogic Modeler Forum

    Please also when you post, identify which Modeler Edition you have:
    Telelogic Modeler Rhapsody Edition
    Telelogic Modeler Tau Edition

    That will allow everyone to help you better!