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Pinned topic New Version of System p AVE is Available for Download

‏2007-07-30T22:20:14Z |
On Saturday July 28, a new beta version of System p AVE was made available for download on the System p AVE Web site:
The new version has many enhancements including installation improvements, security features, and reliability improvements.

We are requesting that you retest your application or test a new application with this new version and provide us feedback related to the following questions. You can send feedback to

==> Application Questions
a) What Linux OS version did you use with System p AVE testing? What version do you want to use for production in the future?
b) What applications (and versions) did you test?
c) What implementation languages were used for those applications?
d) Does your application suite require applications not running in a System p AVE environment to call applications that are running in a System p AVE environment?
e) Does your application suite include IBM middleware like DB2 that is already running natively on Linux on Power?
f) Which of these characteristics does your application have? User interactive, transactional, i/o intensive, computational intensive.

==> Testing Questions
g) Was your testing limited to simple experiments or did it cover extensive testing to prove your applications would run appropriately in a production environment? Please explain.
h) Do you have any serious concerns with the new version of System p AVE that would prevent you from deploying the product for production use in the future? Please explain.
i) Does the product meet your needs for consolidating your x86 Linux applications onto a System p Linux on Power system? If not, what requirements do you have? Please explain.

Thank you for your continued support of System p AVE and IBM! We appreciate your willingness to try our products early to help improve their quality for all users.