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Pinned topic IIB as an MQ subscription extended selector

‏2016-11-11T05:24:55Z | cbfenabled contentbasedfiltering iib mq

I have an MQ subscription that uses IIB as an extended selector. This is IIB with MQ 7.5.

The selector string is in this style  -   Body.tag1.tag2.tag3 = 'XXX'

There is no message set deployed in any of the IIB integration servers for this XML schema.

I enabled an IIB integration server to be a content based filter via -  mqsichangeproperties MYNODE -e MYIS -o ContentBasedFiltering -n cbfEnabled -v true

Testing the pub-sub worked perfectly.

I enabled a second and third integration server the same way. All worked OK. I was able to down selected integration servers from this list and as long as one was active, my subscription worked.

My question is around how an integration server is selected to run the selection filter. Is it any available ?? Is it done in a round robin ?? Load shared ??